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Silver Septagram Ring

The seven pointed star brings into balance the seven alchemical processes of transmutation. It empowers one to overcome the obstacles and tribulations in life such as through strengthening ones rhetorical capabilities and vocal confidence.
  • Made in sterling silver
  • Designed to mathematical specifications of the golden ratio (geometrical interval ϕ:1)
  • Vibrationally attuned to a musical interval of the Sacred Cubit wavelength
  • Crafted in Los Angeles

We recommend using a ring sizer that are available online or at your local jewelry/craft store to get the appropriate ring size.

  • Toroidal conductors that amplify and stabilize energy by mimicking how light naturally moves. They freely circulate energy around the outside of the coil which can stimulate both the human body and the immediate environment, elevating ones vitality and cognition.

    For more information, see our story Star Coils Simplified.
  • Each ring is tuned to a musical interval of a specific octave of the Sacred Cubit (ie a perfect fourth of the fifth octave). This wavelength was found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and is a harmonic of the circumference of the Earth. The specific tuning of the star coil allows energy to transfer efficiently between this fundamental energetic frequency and the user. The Sacred Cubit has a more physical influence while the Lost Cubit is more cognitive.

    For more information, see our story The Sacred Measurements.
  • Rings with a feminine polarity are better at receiving energy than sending, while the masculine polarity is better at sending energy than receiving. Regardless of polarity, a star coil is capable of both sending and receiving energy. Ideally, two rings of both polarities are worn with one on each hand.

    For more information, see our story The Polarities of the Star Coils.
  • Ring Size Harmonic Ratio Musical Interval
    4 5th 16:9 Minor Seventh
    5 5th 15:8 Major Seventh
    6 4th 1:1 Perfect Unison
    7.5 4th 16:15 Minor Second
    9 4th 9:8 Major Second
    10.5 4th 6:5 Minor Third
    12.5 4th 4:3 Perfect Fourth
Ring Size
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