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Silver Ankh

One of the most recognized symbols today of both the occult mysteries and ancient Egypt, the Ankh has been known by many metaphysicists for its healing powers, and with the word itself referring to as “life” and “eternity” in Egyptian texts.  It is one of the three tools adorned by the ancient Egyptian Creator God, Ptah, that all together represents the trinity of the creative process. The other two tools representing power and stability, the Ankh as it represents life embodies the harmonic resonance of the whole coming together in the Earth Plane, or "field of manifestation", anchoring deeper presence with ease to adept users.

Brass: An alloy primarily out of copper, with the energy of Venus, and 10% zinc, the energy of Uranus, creates a vibrational frequency similar to gold, but more subtle and of a softer quality, that is great for any alchemist learning to develop their internal awareness with greater support of their divine presence.

Sterling Silver:  An alloy primarily out of silver, with the energy of Luna, and 7.5% copper, the energy of Venus, creates a very deep grounding feminine energy, that aligns strongly with the higher chakras, attuning one's intuition, and aiding in psychic awareness.

14K Gold : An alloy primarily out of gold, with the energy of Sol, and also 33% copper, 5.5% silver, and 3% zinc. This couples the strong masculune solar energy with the deeper feminine of Venus and Luna, and a little oversight from the father energy of Uranus. Gold is the highest vibrational metal traditionally used in many ancient civilizations for its ability to carry frequencies with optimal integrity to ensure the most potent magick, especially in regards to manifestation.

24K Gold Plate: Pure gold plated onto the surface of any of the three base alloys offered with one micron in thickness, that amplifies the base metal and anchors a very powerful divine masculine presence. This is very popular with sterling silver among adepts, as the energy of Sol, Luna, and Venus are all present with balanced energetics.

The design took place over three months of many renditions working with ancient hieroglyphics, sketches, artifacts, and texts. Etherally, this was done in conjunction with the Akhasic Records, the universal library of creation, as the design intrinsically exists outside our physical reality, or more approriately, within. Upon landing the architecture of the ankh, it was revealed that this geometry embodied the mathematical trinity of the golden ratio, pi, and the square root of two. These three divine ratios are foundational to fractal structure and self organizing systems. The uniqueness of this ankh being brought forth is the true geometric and harmonic balance of its design, perfected within creation itself. Upon the very first casting of this ankh, its energetic properties were extremely apparent to all of us here at Alkemica, and beyond any of our expectations. We soon discovered the profound amplification of its properties with the use of a tuning fork placed upon the ankh, especially those tuned to the sacred frequency of Om (136.1 hz), a frequency in relationship to the circumference of the earth as well.

How it works:
The horizontal axis of the ankh is the masculine linear waveguide. This wavelength is fixed and is harmonically proportional to the circumference of the earth, or the sacred cubit. This sacred measurement of 20.6 inches is found in the base of Great Pyramid of Giza (440 cubits)    as well as other sacred architecture. This creates a scalar linear resonance in the horizontal axis stimulated by the aetheric flow of the Earth itself with a single wave node at the core of the ankh. Modern day scalar wave technology was originally pioneered by Nikola Tesla, and suppressed thereafter as psuedo-science, especially in terms of its direct effects on human consciousness. The aether, scalar waves, chi, orgone, and prana are all synonymous terms of the same phenomena found within first dimensional linear waveforms. The horizontal vibration diverts into the perpendicular vertical axis which is both feminine and non-linear. This wavelength is fractal in nature as there is a wave node manifesting at every point along the vertical axis at least once in a complete vibratory cycle. This creates a fractal interference pattern in conjunction with non-linear resonance, a key aspect in understanding zero point energy systems. The human body reflects that resonance like a tuning fork. The higher harmonic structure of resonance allows for the human vessel to couple with larger amounts of aether already flowing through the external environment at all times.
Where normally, the human body is attuned to a linear resonance that varies based on one's physical habits and mindset such as with deep meditative states
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